Several market and economic factors are fueling the increased need for managers to engage third party marketing representation. The dramatic rise in the number of managers and the variety of investment strategies has increased the complexity of asset allocation and manager selection decisions. To make sense of the exhaustive possibilities, institutional investors have increased their level of sophistication and their use of advisors and consultants. Effectively navigating the fundraising landscape now requires specialized knowledge.

The level of sophistication has made the capital raising process more onerous and time consuming for managers. To be effective a very focused, committed marketing effort has to be undertaken. Developing and maintaining the requisite knowledge and commitment internally can dramatically increase fixed costs for a manager or general partner with no assurance of success.

The sum effect of each of these factors is that the marketing process can significantly distract managers from their primary responsibility - managing assets.

Specialized knowledge

North Bridge Capital offers managers and general partners a solution; a more effective and efficient means of accessing the institutional market. We leverage our extensive knowledge of the investor and consultant universe and the databases and criteria used in manager selection. Our continuous presence in the marketplace streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on your core mission - managing assets. Additionally, our compensation structure, being highly performance oriented, ensures that our objectives are aligned.



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