Much like managing money, effective marketing is a full-time, evolving process. It starts with a clear understanding of the managers objectives, style, investment process, performance and the professionals that create a competitive advantage. Its success depends on an informed, focused professional effort. A typical engagement will run three to five years for traditional managers and shorter periods for certain alternative products.

Stage 1 - Planning and analysis: Develop the information that matters

 Determine realistic objectives
 Identify the core elements of what makes the manager unique and  
    attractive to the institutional marketplace

Stage 2 - Marketing Strategy: Leverage knowledge of market dynamics and players

 Identify relevant industry databases
 Develop institutional quality presentations and marketing materials
 Identify the target audience for effective prospecting

Stage 3 - Execution: Leverage network and apply a focused, professional effort

 Generate broad awareness through direct contact with the 
    appropriate officers at endowments/foundations/public/corporate
    pension funds
 Initiate and maintain contact with relevant institutional consultants
 Initial entry of manager profiles in core databases for inclusion in
 Qualify investor appetite and interest in the asset class
 Generate qualified face-to-face meetings for the manager
 Maintain relevant databases and submit manager information on an
    opportunistic basis
 Develop and submit requests for proposal and requests for
 Provide timely follow-up information and communication
 Continuously assess progress and market conditions and evolve
    approach as necessitated


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