North Bridge Capital was founded on the premise that a significant number of investment managers have little expertise in promoting their capabilities and performance to the institutional market. They are purposely focused on delivering the value-added skills that represent the foundation of their business, investment expertise. The marketing function is often neglected despite the fact that developing and executing a well-conceived marketing effort is crucial to the managerís growth.

An extension of your team

The North Bridge team effectively becomes an extension of your organization, exclusively engaged for raising institutional assets. Our role is to create and maintain broad awareness of the manager with institutional investors, improve the probability of placements and significantly reduce the time your professionals devote to raising capital. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their objectives, gauge and improve their marketability, package them for maximum effectiveness, and keep them abreast of allocation opportunities relevant to their asset class and strategy.

Exclusive attention

To maximize our effectiveness, we limit our client base to a few select, highly qualified managers, each representing different asset classes. This structure ensures two major benefits. First, each client is given exclusive attention when an allocation opportunity arises in that asset class. Second, consultants and institutions looking for ways to quickly reduce the universe of managers often consider the due diligence third party marketers perform in the client selection process. Our history of representing successful managers can serve as a stamp of approval in pre-qualification screens. Additionally, each manager benefits from the leverage created by our constant communication with institutions and consultants on behalf of other clients.



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